About Us – We have a father-son relationship corrupted by Legal, Structural & Systemic Abuse


“A person I know, a LEGUM Specialist, a person I know well, almost family, just not blood family, I know him for 99% of my existence on this earth, a person who made me a rich man and I became a very rich man(which is now litigated out of me) because of him, was it not for him, I would not have been where I am today, this person helped me in such a big way in my life that you will not comprehend. He is the one person I have looked up to in my life. He turned against me within a second siding on the side of the corrupt Legal System profiteering on the best interest of my child AND I, BECAUSE HE IS ONE OF THE HIGHEST influential people in this profiteering LEGAL SYSTEM. Profiteering on the “Best interest of the Child” Standard. BECAUSE the mother of my child is alma-mater, Alumni and a member of the post-doctoral fellowship at the Fraternity.” 


~ Dr JWNJ SNYMAN (Legum)[sic] – Prof ****** ***** ***** issued. The professor is the CEO of the ***** Law Department at the University of Pretoria and the owner or the Children’s Rights Organisation at the University.

We created this organization to promote our cause and inform people around the world about it. 

Protest action

19 July 2012. The “Best interest of the Child” Standard, Children’s Act 38 of 2005 is not in the best interest of the child. It is in the best interest of the Legal Profession.

“International Protest for the love of our Children” – 28 October 2012

I was arrested and incarcerated by the Legal Fraternity on false accusations of “impersonating a police officer” after I’ve identified myself as an officer of the Police Force with proper identification when I was on the above Protest. I was brutally arrested because I was filming the ordeal and accused of… (edited out because of legal action against me)

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Best circumstances ever to stop Children’s Court Corruption: “Competent Court of LAW Orders” created by Legal Professionals profiteering of the “Best interest of the Child” Standard. 

Mom-n-Dad in complete opposites of the Law spectrum. 

Doctor in Child Law MOM vs. Doctor in Philanthropy Dad’s Rights DAD 


IMAGINE… a child who has a mommy who is one of the highest qualified Children’s Act and Child Law Specialists in the world, a very intelligent and talented post-doctoral fellow, part of the highest ranked Legal Professional Fraternity in the world. The prestigious Doctorate LEGUM holder… 

IMAGINE… a child who has a daddy who is of the most prestigious, formidable and be diligent DADDIES and Children’s Rights Advocates in the world, a LEGUM holder, the same legum holder, campaigning the Bill-of-Rights chapter 2: the “Best Interest of the Child” Standard is of paramount importance in every matter concerning the Child”, to the United Nations Assembly Director of Children’s Rights, Mr Jean Zermatten – Geneva. Campaigning to the entire planetary Legal Fraternity, “Legal, Structural & Systemic Abuse as well as Child Abuse i.t.o. Parental Apartheid/Alienation as a sin against humanity”. A daddy who is doing every thing in the world to experience the love of the child because the child is kept apart from the daddy by malicious acts of dictatorial might and power conducted by a subjective Judiciary…

IMAGINE… the child is the same person…


Our members are very diverse but un ited by their common interest. Find out who they are in the most active and diligent campaign on the internet, online and in the social-media on a global scale. Follow this links. (This is merely a fraction of the most and devastated heartbreak, pain and agony you see below, our full support is thousands of percent more.)

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