Are there people who can transfer energy and connect supernaturally?

Like people who can transfer energy from themselves to another person. Not like lazers or anything like that. 

Is there such a thing as this or not? If there is what do you call these people? Is this like a supernatural power?

FOR IKLAAS AND I, THERE IS NO OTHER OPTION. THIS SUPERNATURAL METHODOLOGY IS THE ONLY WAY and HAVE TO WORK. This is the only way left for my boy and I to connect – ORDERED BY CORRUPT JUDICIARY COMPETENT COURT OF LAW ORDER IN CORROBORATION WITH THE CORRUPT CHILDREN’S RIGHTS SPECIALIST IN CHILD LAW, PROFESSOR (Doctor in Child Law – LEGUM specialist ) **********, the World Children’s Price holder at the Children’s Rights Organisation at the University of Pretoria together with the corrupt Law Clinic directed by Director Frans Haupt of the University of Pretoria. (This day, when I write this, the day before iklaas’ precious 6th birthday when I will be kept apart from the most precious love in existence again, am I in full and arrant determination for this methodology of SUPERNATURAL effort to take effect. My heart is jumping  out of my chest with dire passion and utter abject travesty.)

Think of energy conductivity. What is the most efficient conductor of electricity? Copper. What is Chlorophyll? Copper. Why do you think lighting is attracted to trees? A lightning rod is made of copper. In anatomy, the red blood cell is identical to the chlorophyll molecule except the middle atom. In humans and animals, it is iron. If you put a human brain in a plant the plant would fry because all of it would be the electricity of thought. Your thought is negative electricity. Negative voltage. A vegetarian would be more capable of transferring energy than a meat eater. 

I’m pretty sure energy transfer does take place, but there must be a point of contact. How do flocks of birds all know at one time to fly? ~ Gregg Ano


This makes perfect sense, Gregg. ~ Dr JWNJ SNYMAN (Legum) [sic] – Prof **************, University of Pretoria issued.


In meditation and subliminal telepathy am I sending my love of caring, nurturing, warmth, supportiveness, comforting, calming, soothing, acceptance, understanding, gentleness, sweetness, reassurance, and encouragement. Forgiveness is a given and does not have to be mentioned my boy. DADDY always forgive you, forever. This abject travesty we are lured into by a corrupt profiteering Legal System in is not at all your miscue. Every second of every day, my boy, even in my sleep are you with daddy where ever you are, in your sleep, in your play at the big play yesterday, in your cry and in your joy. Daddy misses you every moment, a lot… 108 569 452 seconds already – and counting. 

I know your receptiveness for my love is open my boy because nothing, no negative sentiment and signaling can negatively influence the very good father-son relationship you and I have built in the very little time you and I where allowed by a bad uncle in court. You and I are as close as one. 


The corrupt Legal System will pay for this abject travesty, for this extreme pain we have to endure. Aunty ***********, mommy’s ********* and all their maatjies helped to take you away from daddy.

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Wessel Snyman
06/29/2013 04:15:36 PM

Thank you for your support and much oblige. This abject travesty will end. PERIOD !!

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