Daddy’s story fighting for me


( Edited out ) – by order of Law, corrupt children’s court, by an incompetent magistracy & corrupt incompetent “Competent court of Law” order.

The rest will follow…. 

To accommodate and entertain corrupt Family Court Orders only allowing not more that ONE % of proper father-son parenting, is to agree to parental abuse by LEGAL, STRUCTURAL & Systemic ABUSE. I rescind my consent to be govern by corrupt legal professionals and corruptible court officials hiding behind the “Best interest of the Child” they allow. What they allow, I can not use to build a proper Father-son relationship AS WELL AS MY SON. The corrupt court allows for a very poor Father-son relationship to grow and then Magistrate Chester Roux, Magistracy of Pretoria, hides behind words like “jy moet maar die beste maak van die tyd wat ons vir jou gee”.


****** ****** and ***** **** *****, both Prof’s, Doctors in Child Law and LEGUM Specialists, take note madams. ~ Dr JWNJ SNYMAN (Legum)[sic] – ****** **** *****, CEO University of Pretoria ****** LAW, issued.



Mr Nelson Mandela was incarcerated and detained for 27 years on a “Competent Court of LAW Order”. A “Competent Court of LAW Order” also sentenced the ultimate role-model to death, a person called Jesus Christ. Jesus was a political assassination because he was a threat to a profiteering money system. A “Competent Court of LAW Order” also caused the Tally Stick system to be banished by King Louis lll in 1775 and the corrupt Rothschild Fractional Reserve System ordered upon us causing every person in the world to suffer to pay back loans to banks and Financial Institutions WITH INTEREST. Our brain does not comprehend an interest free system like the Tally Stick System operated in Europe for more than 700 years nor do we understand to operate an effective interest free “Stokvel” system because we are utterly indoctrinated and brainwashed to only understand to pay INTEREST through a corrupt Fractional Reserve System oppressed upon us. We don’t have a choice, OR BUY CASH. The Rothschild Dynasty financed all sides of war profiteering on the Fractional Reserve System in the previous centuries becoming the richest family in the world, owning half the world’s money. This Dynasties are in charge of the World Bank and the IMF. Every country in the world’s Reserve Banks pay interest to the World Bank and the IMF on the Fractional Reserve System. The Rothschild Dynasty also ordered a “Competent Court of LAW Order” onto raw diamonds through Cyril John Rhodes, for it not to be possessed by common citizens merely for a very small group of profiteering individuals to profiteer on diamonds. “Competent Court of LAW Orders” also parting children from good, able, willing and loving parents for a small group of Legal Professionals to profiteer on the “Best interest of the Child” Standard. Lawyers also profiteers from both sides of divorce and conflict between dear children’s loving parents, the same as with the Rothschild Dynasty profiteers from both sides of conflict in war. Apartheid is merely a symptom of corrupt “COMPETENT COURT OF LAW ORDERS” abused through the centuries by profiteering lawyers. LAWYERS (a profiteering legal system) WALKED AWAY WITH THE PROFIT that was generated with “Competent Court of LAW Orders”. Lawyers are in control of LAW ( the world/money ). DO NOT ALLOW THIS MISCONDUCT OF CORRUPT COMPETENT COURT OF LAW ORDERS TO CONTROL AND ABUSE US.  Promulgate the PARENTAL APARTHEID LAW.