This is not a BLOGG, ma’am Prof **** **** *****. This is a full (Paid and Managed) WEBSITE.

PLUS. I am not jobless ma’am Prof ****** ******. I am a fulltime Advocate for Parental Alienated Children. 



I, a loving parent, urgently needs severe and very strict regulations on the rogue Legal Profession and Judiciary (Vexatious Litigants) profiteering on children and parents, innocent parents. The Legal Profession are merely there to cause more conflict and fuel the fire between parents and to profiteer from our love for our children. Conflict is huge profits! 

I am threatened again with criminal action and by COURT ORDER to take down this website off the internet. I am also threatened with a Common Law order of “scandalizing the court” by the Magistracy

I’m a loving daddy doing every thing to see my boy on an equal basis

“I wonder if capital punishment is consistent to the constitution.” ~ Nelson Mandela in court awaiting his death sentence at the Rivonia trail.

“I wonder if parental alienation is consistent to the constitution.” ~ Wessel Snyman in a struggle to equal parenting to his loving son at Magistracy Pretoria.

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I am officially sued to Competent Court of LAW, by ********** * ********(*******) ( Prof ******* ******** ) – HA 382/2013 Doctor & Professor at the University of Pretoria and Chief-Doctor in Child Law (Legum holder) as well as ******* ********* – HA 381/2013, also Doctor & Professor at the University of Pretoria and Doctor in Child Law (Legum holder) BY THE UNIVERSITY OF PRETORIA with billions of University of Pretoria Student’ money. When I, the Parental Alienated Parent, have had such billions of money to waste on corrupt Legal Professionals, the University o f Pretoria and alma-mater would never have been able to corrupt the Parental Apartheid matter to such an extent that they waste student’s money on court cases litigating a loving daddy out of his loving child with the Systemic (Legal & Structural) Abuse and abuse of the “Best interest of the Child” Standard in the New Children’s Act 38 of 2005.


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Stop Legal, Structural & Systemic Abuse.


Parental Apartheid is a given to me and my daddy by LAW, Yeah. The Children’ Court in Pretoria.

The Department of Justice and Constitutional Development, uncle Jeff Radebe, you don’t understand. I don’t ask permission to experience Parental Apartheid.

Uncle Jeff, you think apartheid was bad !!

My daddy told me a story but only short. He said that I will understand the whole story one day.

He asked me to ask uncle please help. I miss daddy a lot. Daddy asked the other maatjies daddies to help with a plan. I don’t understand yet but all I know was that I cried a lot for daddy. Daddy wanted to come and play but mommy kept me away from daddy because the uncle in the court said so.

Daddy told me that he is doing everything to be with me. Daddy told me that after the uncle in the court told daddy that daddy can only see me little bit that he is going to write uncle Jeff a letter. He sent it to uncle with the computer.

 Daddy told me that he will show me the letter one day when I can understand.

I sure miss daddy a lot.

I, WESSEL SNYMAN (Legum) [sic] – Prof **** **** ******, CEO at ****** Law University of Pretoria issued, have connected with the highest qualified and the most influential LEGAL, MEDICAL, and every possible supportive professional regarding my matters and in this corrupt business of PARENTAL APARTHEID, from the biggest profiteering LEGAL FIRMS to the PRESIDENT of this Country (not the Political Party but the President of my country), but I AM DISREGARDED ON PURPOSE. It is not possible for this to happened. IT SURE IS CORRUPTION COVERED BY THIS VERY HIGH PROFILED PROFESSIONALS INVOLVED.

Every second of this ignorance is my father-son relationship abused by every entity disregarding me. I will teach my boy ( the little time the corrupt children’s court allows ) to take Civil Legal Action when I am successfully ignored, professionally duck-and-dived and/or past away. It’s a lifelong mission for my boy and I. My boy’s mother will support him in this matters although still fully indoctrinated, brainwashed and under control of this profiteering Legal Professional corruption. 

Mr the President of South Africa

Mr the President, in approach to you, the Presidency informs me that the primary mandate of your Department: Performance Monitoring and Evaluation, is to assist citizens where they experience difficulty in accessing government assistance. However, you do, in exceptional circumstances, assist citizens in their private matters where you can.

In my particular case, you have tried your best to look at how you can assist BUT FELL SHORT. Mine is a very difficult matter which is further compounded by the fact that a corrupt COMPETENT COURT of LAW has made a ruling on the matter… (and) that you can not arbitrary overturn a court decision.

Sir Mr President, Former President Mr Nelson Mandela was incarcerated for 27 years in prison because of a COMPETENT COURT of LAW ORDER. The ultimate role model, Sir, was sentenced to death on a corrupt COMPETENT COURT of LAW ORDER, a person called Jesus Christ. My boy, Sir, is taken away from me on a corrupt COMPETENT COURT of LAW ORDER. By subjective court orders ordered on bias and VERY COMPETENT Doctoral Professor legal representation. I did not have any legal representation although Government Representation was promised by Mr. Desmond Nair, Chief-Magistrate at the Magistracy in Pretoria, after he realized that he ordered corruptly a subjective order parting my son and I more.

Mr the President, I, in the name of the Parental Apartheid Campaign, kindly make an urgent requisition for you to get involved and to give support with full Government Legal Representation in this matter. I do make an urgent request also to promulgate and sign the Parental Apartheid LAW ( also here ) and to implement the ACT on your soonest Sir and to take this Legal, Structural & Systemic Abuse by the Legal System into Civil Legal Action.


All Rights Reserved. Any person and/or institution and/or Agent and/or Agency of any governmental structure including but not limited to the South African Government also using or monitoring this website or any of its associated websites, you do NOT have my permission to utilize any information nor any of the content contained herein including, but not limited to me and/or my son’s photos, and/or the comments made about me and/or my son’s photo’s or any other “picture” and/or “information” posted on this web site. You are hereby notified that you are strictly prohibited from disclosing, copying, distributing, disseminating, or taking any other action against me and/or my son with regard to this web site and the contents herein. The foregoing prohibitions also apply to your employee(s), agent(s), student(s) or any personnel under your direction or control. The contents of this web site are legally privileged, and the violation of me and my son’s personal privacy is punishable by law. ” 

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